howdy folks

hey yo if anyone is interested in playing bradley simpson somewhere i have a lauren jauregui in need of a plot with an old flame (u would NOT be forced to ship with her but it would start off with him still harboring feelings for her, more to be explained if ur interested) so hmu on k i k at caldenson or on aim at neonjungel or just in askbox thnk u


it’s so unsettling to be reminded as an adult that the people and things you loved as a child are not immortal like you once thought they were

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does anyone else feel like they just lost their favourite uncle

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when 1d’s management team actually properly promotes the boys and stops working them until they can’t stand their job, capitalizing on this young girl/tween demographic, selling unnecessary perfumes and makeup instead of focusing on the music, they’ll have a critically acclaimed, well-respected band with grammy nominations. guaranteed.

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talents include

  • um
  • i can tell which member of one direction is singing what part in any given song
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remember when katy perry was on replay, she was on replay, the dj got the floor to shake, the floor to shake, and people going all the way, yeah all the way, but they’re still wide awake?

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